Mantra Citreamsicle IPA

Mantra produces good beer. I've encountered so many good labels through this process - CSB, Lagunitas, Bearded Iris, Founders, and even this brewery - Mantra. So, I have another beer to try out, and it is clear from their past attempts why I should expect a delicious outcome.

The copper, hazy beer has a VERY aggressive and sticky head. The aroma is more of a bread malt with citrus dribbled on top than I would have expected from an IPA. It's got a bit of vanilla and orange just kind of resting on a fresh bread.

First sip is sublime. It's got that thick malt that is bread with a bit of cracker and maybe even biscuit in it, and on top of that is the orange, vanilla, tartness, and sweetness. It's a good sipping beer, that's for sure. The sweetness might be too much for some people, though.

Tip-in is sweet with a slight carbonation topping the sweet malt and citrus brightness. The middle is where the beer reveals its true self with the vanilla highlighting the sweetness, citrus, bread, and deliciousness. Is delicious an ingredient? I'm going to say yes, and they stuck it in here. The finish is a slight tartness with the sweetness joining it nicely. The bread becomes more of the cracker and biscuit for the trail-off.

Bottom Line: Wow.



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