Bearded Iris Tunnel Vision IPA

Don't tell me about my need to take a step back from my passion for Bearded Iris; I know what I'm doing. No, I'm no professional beer snob or anything, but I like to consider myself aspirational in that regard. Instead, I will simply say that I always take the opportunity to try another Bearded Iris beer, and I don't care who is judging me.

The traditional (for Bearded Iris) thick, hazy orange beer has almost no head - just some lonely bubbles meandering around the top of the beer like they aren't sure what they are expected to do. The aroma is citrus with a curious floral bend to it. I Didn't expect that.

First sip is different than anything else. It's the familiar pineapple and lemons, but they mix with some mangoes and maybe some apricot, kiwi, nectarine, and even some cantaloupe. I didn't get any of the floral that I smelled, but this thing hits you right in the face with the fruits.

Tip-in is grapefruit and mango with carbonation tingling right across the tongue. Then, the middle is all the same fruits I commented on in the sip; it's meaty with the thick juices of the fruits and pregnant with more carbonation prickles. The finish is where that touch of flowers just rests gently on the thick rind of a grapefruit.

Bottom Line: Like most of these Bearded Iris beers, this has a unique character that is worth getting to know.



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