Mill Creek Batch No. 1 Dark Strong

Mill Creek has been solidly better than average with all of their beers so far, and I am expecting a delightful Belgian Ale to really be the break-out hit. These Nashville guys have been coming strong with the mixture of beers, and I would expect the very good DIPA to be my favorite, but I'm okay if this one is better - I won't discriminate.

A spotty, clumpy head leaves some lacing as it adorns this brown beer with a slight amber hue. The aroma of yeast, caramel, and spices light up the night and entice the drinker to stop writing in his stupid blog that very few people ever come to and just drink the beer like he (and it) knows he wants to. I shall not be rushed, Mr. Beer.

First sip is like freebasing Belgian yeast. Well, I say it's like that, but I don't actually know what freebasing entails, so I don't even know if you can taste whatever you're freebasing, but in my imagination it is something like this where the effect is amplified. So, in that sense, it's freebasing, and I don't actually care if I'm right. Pretty much all I tasted in the sip was the yeast and maybe a bit of caramel, but it's the yeast up front.

Tip-in is yeast and spices with carbonation tingle just enjoying the show. The middle is turning up both the spices and yeast to 11 while the caramel malt tries to do something with the shadow of dark fruit underneath, but the yeast isn't having it. The finish brings a bit of dry tartness and the yeast settles down for a long trail-off.

Bottom Line: I like most Belgian ales, and I like this one enough, but I sure don't love it.



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