Honky Tonk Simple Man 2X Double IPA

The Badonkadonk was very, very good (4/5). But this here isn't a barrel-aged beer or even a stout. this is my new favorite style of beer - the Double IPA. I had been told that pale ales and IPAs are the easiest beers to make, as the hops tend to cover up a multitude of errors, but the malt-heavy DIPA, I imagine, does not have that kind of grace period. Let's find out if these guys need it.

The hazy bronze beer has a very sticky head that is the kind of dense foam that every beer should strive to have. Seriously - everyone else, take note of this Nashville-area brewer and this fantastic head! The aroma is citrus (lead by oranges) and some pine hops. Mostly, though, it's the citrus.

First sip is strong and crisp but very smooth. It's oranges backed with grains that are a lot heavier than I had expected. But, they are mixed pretty damn well, and that means that yes, I really kind of like just sipping this beer. Is that the Honky Tonk way? Maybe, but it's not my way.

Tip-in is light grains, a little flower, and the heavy citrus with oranges all up front and in my face. The middle spreads out into a sweet caramel, grain, orange lovefest that I could enjoy all day long. They describe the beer as "crushable," and they are right. The finish is a little bitter and a little more floral than the rest, but it can't detract much from the very good beer.

Bottom Line: Honky Tonk knows what they're doing, and they show it.



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