Mill Creek Batch No. 1 Double IPA

Mill Creek has a history here of being a bit better than average (three beers is a history, right?), but they haven't had anything that was really a break-out beer. With a DIPA, they have a chance to put together something special. DIPAs somehow manage to smooth out a fierce IPA to bring a lot of flavor and a lot of calm at the same time. This should be good.

The beer is a light honey color with a nice, sticky white head that takes a while to dissipate, and it leaves the much loved lacing in its wake. It's not a sheet of lacing, but it's scattered bubbles that are defiantly gripping the sides. The aroma is sweet and piney. There are citrus hops under that, but it's breath of an alpine skiing resort.

First sip is an utter delight. It's got bitterness from the hops, but they don't overwhelm the beer, as the malt is honey and sweet and holds everything back. Instead, the general citrus and pine hops are really giving a mouthful of hoppy goodness with the bitterness definitely adding to the complexity.

Tip-in is a bite of carbonation sting with the bitterness of the hops right there - all pink and naked. The middle is hops jumping up and down - light citrus, light pine, and even some flowers mixing together with a honey malt with a bread backing that is very, very nice. The finish is a peculiarly harsh snap of bitterness and carbonation burn that really kind of throws off the rest of the beer.

Bottom Line: DIPAs are my current go-to, and this is a pretty good one.



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