Omnipollo Shploing!! Mango S'mores IPA

There are two exclamation marks in the title of this beer. They are in the middle of the name. It's a mango-s'mores IPA. All of these things do not speak well of the people who cobbled this together. The actual label is unique and kind of intriguing, so they have that going for them. Let's see if they know how to brew beer.

The fact that this beer comes out a somewhat cloudy yellow is almost anti-climactic. I mean, the exclamation marks signal that a polka dot or striped beer seems more appropriate, doesn't it? Well, I guess we are still a slave to fluid dynamics. The head is nicely traditional IPA - sticky and leaving lots of lacing while leaving a patchy cap on top. The aroma is a sweet marshmallow with some lingering floral hops, but it's understated.

First sip is not great. It's got a forced sweetness and it does not counter the underlying bitterness, so those two are battling. In the midst of this clash is the floral hops, citrus, and a poor cracker malt that is just a rock lumped in the center. It's an inauspicious start, but it's only the start. To know how fast a horse can run, you must start to gallop.

Tip-in is gentle carbonation tickle with a dairy-rich, smooth marshmallow sweetness. In the middle rises a cracker malt that allows the citrus and flowers to soothingly spread around its sides; I didn't expect this to be good, but it really is. The finish is a mixed up bucket of incongruous after effects. The bitterness and tanginess of the hops and mango mix inexpertly with the wheat and cracker malts and it then lingers far too long.

Bottom Line: It's an effort, but it appears to be one Omnipollo is not capable of doing quite well enough.



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