450 North Pay Day Hoppy Pilsner

Another 450 North, and I'm ready to play. I mean, this is a pilsner that they appear to have gone nuts on with the hop hammer, and that means fun times for Tim. The name is a little difficult to see the connection with (Pay Day?), but they can name their beer whatever they want. The design of the label, however, is pretty much junk. At least I can reliably read the name, right?

The slightly hazy, bright gold beer has a patchy top that leaves lacing for the eye and allows the aroma of citrus hops and bready malt to hit the nose with just as much pleasure. Its presentation is particularly good for a pilsner - and that must be the hops! I mean, it's "hoppy" right?

First sip is delightfully citrus, bread, tartness, and lingering bitterness. The sip is very good; the balance is nice - it's not even, but clearly they played with it to give it a sweeter entry and a more bitter exit. I could sip this all night, but I won't.

Tip-in is citrus and bread with a good balance of sweet and tart. The middle roams around, dragging a crisp orange and grapefruit with a little pine and that good, solid bread. The finish is harsher, as it wields a sharp hit of bitter and the other flavors retreat as tangerine and tartness linger.

Bottom Line: A great take on a pilsner.



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