Country Boy Shotgun Wedding Brown Ale

So far, the Country Boy beers are exceedingly average. I was hoping for another Yee-Haw where they were a little scattered, but relatively above average. Nope. So far, Kentucky can't match the Tennessee boys, and I hope it's eating at them enough for them to come up with some absolutely great brown ale.

The undeniably brown ale has a fairly minimal head tat just goes away completely with only occasional bubbles coming to the top tell you that this is carbonated. That said, you won't mistake this for anything but a malty, nutty brown ale, as the aroma is pungent. I don't mean it's strong - it's invasive!

First sip is nutty and vanilla with a brown sugar backing it. As a result of the brown sugar, it's a sweet beer, and I have to say that it's pretty good. At one point, I think I called out brown ales as my least favorite style, but this could definitely be a beer to just lay back and sip all day. But sipping isn't the way we do things around here, is it?

Tip-in is sweet vanilla-infused malt and a curious amount of water. The middle is stinging carbonation over the nuts and brown sugar; that stinging is really taking things over right here, and it may be the result of the very... mild nature of the beer. The finish is a bitterness that hits the tongue pretty hard and then a dryness that grips the mouth with a nutty tone.

Bottom Line: Sipping is good. Go ahead and sip this one.



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