Jackalope Snowman Stout

So, a friend (Frogman) had this beer and told me he couldn't even taste the coffee in it, and he liked the beer. Well, I'm going to rely on his take and try the sucker out for myself. Mind you, I'm the guy who complained that a Keurig once had coffee go through it, and I could taste it in my hot chocolate (and no one around me - including Frogman - backed my play).

The beer so brown that it is black has a light tan head with bubbles that are too large to be nitrogen, but they are not really as big as most carbonated beers. The head is thick, but it doesn't have any stickiness. When it leaves, it leaves only footprints and memories with an aroma is coffee and earth. So, let's see where we go from here.

First sip is what they say on the can - coffee. What did I expect, really? I suppose mocha might mean that it also has chocolate or something, but I am getting nothing but coffee. I need to read labels before I buy beer from now on.

Tip-in is acidic bite with carbonation sting; coffee grounds and earth dominate the taste. The middle is more acid and a lot more coffee with the possibility of vanilla in there somewhere. The finish is bitter coffee grounds.

Bottom Line: I deserved this, and they deserve not to have a bad rating because I can't plan ahead, so they get a reasonable rating of 2.



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