BrewDog Punk IPA

My third BrewDog beer, and the last one I had was fantastic. I hope we're starting a trend. Either way, I'm pretty sure this is the last of the BrewDog beers that I have in the fridge, so I want them to go out on a high note. Were all three of these IPAs? Wait - one was a DIPA, wasn't it? Surely they couldn't all have been... Yup, they were all IPAs.

The brassy-gold beer has a head that could use a bit more stickiness, but it has some lacing going on, so let's just accept what we have and say that it could be worse. The aroma is a dusty citrus and sourdough bread. It's not a bad start, and these guys can make magic happen.

First sip is a taste explosion! Actually, it's not that, but I'm pretty sure I read that on the can or something. Instead, it's a strong taste, but it is strangely dusty without being bitter up front, but bitterness hits in the end. It has citrus and a light caramel malt doing the work of solidifying the whole thing. I don't know that sipping this would be bad, but I drink like they do in Scotland.

Tip-in is sweet grapefruit and oranges with a lightly sizzling carbonation. The middle is an expanse of rich caramel malt with the citrus playing baseball in the massive room it's been given. The finish is a tinge of bitterness left on the tongue while sweetness is left on the lips.

Bottom Line: Not a bad beer at all, but an international reputation deserves better.



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