Clown Shoes Galactica Double IPA

I noticed that I stopped commenting on new breweries. I seem to be going through them so quickly these days that it barely even registers that I'm getting to try a beer from a whole different place, brewed by entirely different people, and using entirely different methods. I mean, who'd have thought people from.... Boston would drink?

The delightfully amber beer has a sticky head that makes me happy. The aroma is weak as all-get-out. I mean, there appears to be almost no smell. Do I have a cold or something? If so, I have no other symptoms, and I can still smell my (currently wet) dog, the bag of Jalapeno cashews I have, and the beef jerky in a bag on my desk.

First sip is all malt up front and all bitter and pointy bits at the back. The back is so harsh that it ruins whatever the beer is trying to do. I can't say this is a good beer to sip, but it might be a good beer to drink like you mean it.

Tip-in is sweet and tart with biscuit malt and light citrus. The middle is increasing in intensity throughout, but it has the biscuit merging into toffee and earth with a smattering of pine. The finish is bitterness and biscuits. I noticed that the bite of bitterness gets more palatable as it warms up (and I drink more of it's 8.0% ABV).

Bottom Line: It's serviceable enough, but I hope they have better.



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