BrewDog Elvis Juice IPA

I'll admit to being one of the few people who tuned into the TV show Brew Dogs that featured the guys who founded Brew Dog on their jaunts from country to country, brewing odd beers in strange ways with complicated, contrived time elements. The reason BrewDog is known internationally is that they brew beers with very high percentages of alcohol. This has a pedestrian 6.5% ABV, so they aren't breaking any records that way.

The copper beer has a stark white head that is nice and sticky, clumping together into an uneven mat across the top of the beer while managing to leave a webwork of lacing on the sides. The aroma is very, very distinctly grapefruit, but it's a sweet grapefruit like one that has had some sugar sprinkled across the top. Presentation of this beer is pretty fantastic.

First sip is delightfully grapefruity, but there is a heavy malt that is taking away the tartness and sourness that you might expect from the abundance of grapefruit. I had wondered why they would add grapefruit rather than just choosing the hops to be of a grapefruit nature, and in the sip I can only say that they appear to know what the hell they're doing. The sip is calm and solid at the same time.

Tip-in is grapefruit right from the get-go, but it is sweet for a grapefruit, and it has the backing of a calm and understated bread malt. There is definitely a tartness to the tip-in, but it's not nuts. The middle is smooth and stable with other citrus flavors joining the grapefruit, but that grapefruit is definitely in charge. The finish is a kiss of tartness, a little bitter, and some unexpected grasses.

Bottom Line: An enjoyable beer. Don't know what Elvis would think about them using his name, but I still liked it.



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