Evil Twin Double Barrel Imperial Biscotti Break

I don't normally look at price when I buy beer. It's not that I'm made of money, but I look for the styles and labels I haven't tried yet, and they tend to get more expensive. It's easier for me if I don't put too much thought into the whole affair. I would probably avoid Evil Twin, but Jeremy (of City Sliquors fame) went out of his way to point out that he got very few bottles of this, and it was the most expensive bottle he's ever sold. That's not true, but I went for it anyway.

The brown-to-black beer has a thin head that is pretty dense and very brown. After a bit, the head is almost completely gone, leaving just a quarter of a ring around the side of the glass. The aroma is heavy with bourbon, wine, and wood. I wonder if there is beer under there. I wonder because I can't smell it at all through the other scents.

First sip is tart, bitter, and even sour. It adds that to the aforementioned bourbon and wood, but the wine is pretty light. Instead, I am getting more cherries than grapes, and that really shouldn't be. I get some pretty distinct coffee and a relatively indefinable malt. A sip, then, is not worth the money for the bottle.

Tip-in is cherries, bourbon, sweetness and tartness (from the cherries) and pretty much nothing from the carbonation. The middle is smooth like a pane of glass. It features the wood and the light wine with some earth undertones giving it substance rather than letting it be watery at all. The finish is a bitter coffee and crusty bread.

Bottom Line: A decent enough beer when it starts to warm a little, but nothing to justify the price.



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