Lagunitas Sakitumi Ale

I've never had sake before. So, I really don't know what I'm about to have, and I just hope it's great. For some reason, I've been looking forward to having a beer since about lunchtime today, and it's about time I got around to drinking one, isn't it? Lagunitas has produced this thing is a QUART bottle. I don't know why or what it might mean, but I'm on it.

The very light yellow-gold beer has a strangely IPA-like sticky, spotty head that leaves a perfectly honorable amount of lacing. The aroma is heavy on the yeast, light on resin, and then it has a background of tropical hops and a bread malt. When I say background, I mean I struggle to smell it.

First sip is... a beer. It has the taste of one of those popular sour beers that the hipsters love these days, but it's not nuts with it. Instead, it's a bit of meaty, bready malt that has lots of that yeast on it. It's interesting, but too brief.

Tip-in is oddly watery with a sweetness like syrup laying on top and the yeast as a powder in the middle. Speaking of the middle - the middle of the swig is a little of the tropical fruit with that syrup still laying on top as the resin and yeast mix in the middle. The finish is sudden sourness that phases out pretty quickly, and then it allows more of the yeast to trail right off.

Bottom Line: Pretty good. It's surprisingly not that different from most other beers.



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