Yee Haw Blackberry Beret Wheat Ale

This beer may have the lowest alcohol content of anything that I've reviewed that had any alcohol at all. I've had a few 4.0% ABV beverages, and I had one non-beer 0% that I'm not counting, but even the hard sodas that I've had were more potent than this beer's paltry 3.8%. I also admit to leaving this in the fridge for a little while, as I grabbed other, more attractive beers before coming to this one. I just don't have a good feeling about the blackberries, even though I generally like blackberries.

The blackberries are definitely giving this beer a dark red tint, but the base light yellow is evident. The beer is exceptionally clear - you could read a book that was on the other side of the glass. The head goes away almost completely - just a very light dusting, clumped in the middle of the glass remains. The aroma is blackberries and ... nope, just blackberries.

First sip is very tart. It's like a sweet-tart without the sweet. The berries are just unpleasantly tart, and nothing appears to be holding them back. This is not the experience I want when I grab a beer, but this is only a sip - maybe the internet is right. Maybe it gets better.

Tip-in is all tart and there is no way to get around that. There is a bit of berry flavor, but the tartness is just about overwhelming. The middle is a cessation of the tartness a bit, but it isn't exactly sweet. The grains flow in to try to tame the tartness, and they are joined by some lemons. The finish is like the wall that had been holding back the real tartness just fell, and the flavors are just obliterated with tartness.

Bottom Line: Well, I'll finish this bottle. That's about the best I can say about it.



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