Southern Tier Unearthly Imperial IPA

When Southern Tier rolls out another IPA, I'll jump in line to try it every time. "But Tim," you may find yourselves saying, "Don't you jump in line for pretty much every new beer you find?" Well, smartypants, I will avoid Prairie Artisan and Magic Hat, but I guess you're right about most of the others.

I'm going to call the color an amber haze with a honey hue. The light head is barely there, but this thin head sticks around for a while. The aroma is resin, citrus, pine, and flowers - it seems like they have all the hops going on in here.

First sip is quite the taste sensation. The hops are citrus heavy, and they bring the others with. The bitterness is here about as heavy as the resin, and the resin is just behind the hops. The malt is very mild, but it's trying valiantly in its losing battle with the bitterness.

Tip-in is resin and citrus with pine skirting around the edges while carbonation sizzles lightly underneath. The middle opens into a cool bath of hops, dancing in unison and not at all getting in each others' way. It's insane how well the middle works with the malt holding it all up. The finish is a crack of bitterness with pine winning the day and flowers trailing.

Bottom Line: Quite a bold beer that can stand up to whatever you're having for dinner or just drinking by itself.



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