Small Town Brewery Not Your Mom's Apple Pie

I'm calling this a hard soda in my labels, but I really don't know what to call it. The only other "apple pie" beverages I've had were moonshines, and a 5.5% ABV moonshine is... not a moonshine. So, as these guys brought me the Not Your Father's Root Beer, I'm assuming they use a similar method for... brewing(?) this beverage.

The clear yellow drink has almost no head to start with, and by the time I got to the camera, it lost pretty much any head that it had in the first place. I think a can of Coke would have had a head that lasted longer. Still, points of nucleation show that this is a carbonated beverage, and the aroma of apples is both sweet and tart to the nose with a bit of cinnamon spice. I'm calling it: this is a cider.

First sip is very much more cinnamon than I smelled. It is heavy with the cinnamon, but the apples are definitely there, tarting up the place like they owned it. I don't really taste any malt that would make up the crust of the pie, but a sip isn't ideal for picking out all the nuances of a drink, is it?

Tip-in is moderate carbonation burn with cinnamon and very tart apples battling for supremacy. The middle is sweeter apples taking hold and the cinnamon retreats as vanilla enters the picture to make things a bit smoother. The finish brings a fresh dose of cinnamon and sweetness before the trail off wich is tart, but the sweetness on the lips keeps it from being the defining note.

Bottom Line: Still don't know for sure what to call it - other than pretty good.



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