Tröegs Scratch 307 Cherry Chocolate Stout

When you're looking at microbreweries, you may find that you can't swing a dead cat without hitting one these days. This one is based in Hershey, PA, so it is only fitting that the first one I review has chocolate in it. Is it Hershey's chocolate? Well, they don't say, but I'm going to say probably. I could be wrong.

The black beer has more brown than red, which seems strange. With this being a cherry stout, I automatically assumed the normal ruby color of a stout would be even more red with the addition of the cherries. The head is pretty thin, and the bubbles are a mix of very many tiny ones and a few biggies. The aroma is chocolate, coffee, and sour cherries. Sour? I hope not.

First sip is very strong cherries and light milk chocolate (not dark chocolate, as I had experienced with other chocolate stouts). Lacing is noticeable now, and it is a lot more than I had expected. The experience of the sip is pretty good. The cherries aren't really sour, so there is that as a bonus, and I'm not really tasting the coffee that I had in the nose, so that's two wins.

Tip-in is cherry forward with light chocolate sprinkles and a bit of wood. The middle comes with a stronger cherry that is backed by more chocolate, earth, and wood. The finish arrives with bitter from the chocolate, sour from the cherries, and a bit of coffee. Trail-off adds some vanilla that might have been there in the middle, but it was too muted then. In the trail-off, it manages to overcome the finish.

Bottom Line: While it doesn't finish well, the rest of the beer is worth the end.



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