Bearded Iris Patina Dry Hopped Festbier

What? Is this not an IPA? But... most of the Bearded Iris beers that I've had have been derivations of IPAs, and they have been interesting and made me want more. But this is an Oktoberfest. I can't blame them for wanting to try one of these out, and they can't blame me for trying it and telling you, my loyal reader, what I think about it.

The honey golden beer has a very patchy head that bubbles away to leave a little bit of lacing on the sides and wisps on top of the beer that look downright artistic. The aroma is flowers and honey. It's an odd combo for an Oktoberfest, in my opinion, but I'm not going to lie and say that I don't want to try it. In fact, I'm more eager now than I was before.

First sip is more doughy malt than I expected, but it has the honey highlights and the flowers are blooming. It's easy to overdo floral hops pretty much any time you go for them, but this one is nicely tamed by the malt, so the overall impression is a full bodied beer that is floral in the nose and honey in the mouth, but there is that peculiar floral aftertaste.

Tip-in is prickly carbonation burn right in the front of the mouth with the floral hops pushing past it. The honey comes with the middle, and citrus joins the fray a bit. The finish is not good; it presents waves of bitterness, flour, flower, and trails off with more honey and flowers mixed.

Bottom Line: Sip it if you get it, but I don't know why you'd get it.



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