Southern Tier 2XIPA Double IPA

Don't confuse this (as I did briefly) with the 2XMAS seasonal beer that I looked at a while back. Instead, this is a double IPA, a style that is my newest favorite beer style, and I don't expect it to be knocked off the top of the hill any time soon. That said, I hope to encounter more styles and more beers to find the ever-so-elusive 5.0 beers.

The very golden yellow beer has less head than I expected, but it's a sticky enough head to warrant consideration. The splotchy patches that wind up on top of the beer are reminiscent of a fractal or something similar. The aroma is sweet, dusty citrus and pine. That citrus is mostly grapefruit, if I am any judge - and judging beer is literally why this blog exists.

First sip is very similar to other DIPAs in that it is a more sedate hops than you'd find in a normal IPA, but that makes the whole thing a lot more approachable. The pine is a lot more forward than I would have expected, but the malt is doing its job admirably, beating down the bitterness wave to allow the citrus and pine to hang out without overpowering anyone.

Tip-in is mild carbonation burn with grapefruit and lemon on top of the pine, but the pine isn't forward. The middle is a slightly higher malt that is... kind of bland, but that leaves more room for the hops to continue their dance of flavor. The finish is a slow wave of bitterness with an increase in pine action, but that dies down pretty quickly and leaves just a bit of bitterness on the tongue.

Bottom Line: It's a solid DIPA, and I'd have another, for that's sure.



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