Little Harpeth Mosaic India Pale Kolsch

Pretty sure they called this an India Pale Kolsch just to make me add another label over on the side of this blog, but I'm not doing it! You're getting labeled as just a regular old Kolsch, and you're going to be happy with it, Little Harpeth!

The color of this beer would be "beer gold" in the crayola box that I imagine they would make for adults. The fluffy white head is just about right in terms of thickness and stickiness, but I like a lot of lacing, and this doesn't look like it's going to give me any. The aroma is all kinds of tropical fruits just having a good-old time.

First sip is more malty than I expected. The fruits are here, but they are not asserting themselves. It's like there are many different hops fighting for dominance, but they can't get their stuff together before the malt just steps in and does the job of adding flavor.

Tip-in is moderate carbonation burn with the husk of a tropical fruit - like a mango or something - just resting in the middle. The middle becomes a very drinkable mixture of strong, steady bread malt and the tropical fruits of the hops. The finish brings a slight bitterness and floral note as the crisp beer trails off.

Bottom Line: Very approachable and very drinkable.



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