Coney Island Hard Orange Cream Ale

The problem I had with the Henry's Hard Orange was that it needed vanilla or cream or something to give it a wider flavor profile. Well, Coney Island to the rescue! They added cream to the orange, and I'm going to be better off for it!

The readers who pay attention to details may notice that the beverage before me is not orange. It's got a slight orange hue to the copper color, but that's as close as it comes; I guess we accept what we are given. Carbonation is definitely doing its thing, but this isn't a beer or root beer, so the head isn't going to stay past a second or two. The aroma is very sweet vanilla orange and there is that hint of alcohol around the outside. Immediately, I am reminded of the Seagram's beverages that were... not that great.

First sip is not bad at all. I had been expecting an orange ale that had cream or vanilla added, but this is a cream ale that has had orange added. I'm not sure it needed the orange, but it's definitely making the beverage its own little character. Also, the alcohol is pretty much completely covered - at least in a sip.

Tip-in is sugar cane sweet with a cream syrup. The middle opens into a solid cream ale with that bit of orange just covering the sting of the alcohol. As the finish does its thing, the alcohol is noticeable, but it doesn't drown anything out. The end is a snap of carbonation.

Bottom Line: Coney Island knows what they are doing with these hard sodas.



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