Weyerbacher Tiny Belgian-Style Imperial Stout

My second Weyerbacher beer, and the first was okay, but it didn't justify the intense recommendations from the people I know. BUT, I have said before that one beer is not enough to judge a brewer (except for HiCu, you Burlington Bastards #BurlingtonBastards). SO, I'm digging in with a solid stout as the second effort.

The picture here was taken in the picosecond that the black beer had any kind of head. A tiny little ring of bubbles remains, but it is tiny. The aroma hits you as soon as you pour this thing, though. The smell is a two by four of chocolate and coffee just smacks you in the nose, and it is great.

First sip is possibly stronger than the smell. It is wood, chocolate, coffee, brown liquor, vanilla, and there may be more things, but my taste buds caused my whole head to shake with delight, and holy crap do I want to drink this whole bottle right now. Instead, I will start to swig only a fourth of the bottle at a time.

Tip-in is chocolate malt with very mild carbonation sizzle and some highlights of vanilla. The middle is even more chocolate with a touch of coffee and brown liquor as the syrup-thick beer highlights more with wood than vanilla now. The finish is a swell of bitterness that compliments rather than detracts from the rest of the beer.

Bottom Line: Even without the impressively high 11.8% ABV, this was a good beer. Every sip is making me like it more.



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