Good People Urban Farmer Farmhouse Ale

The good people at Good People hit with some beers and missed with others, but I like a brewery with spunk. If you don't try hard, you won't get to greatness, but sometimes it means you really fail. In our failures, we find things to learn to make ourselves better. Let's see if they got better.

The gold beer has no damn head. I don't mean that it only has the familiar ring around the top of the glass and that is all - this has no head. It's not that it doesn't have carbonation, though. Unseen points of nucleation somewhere in the bottom of the glass are enough to make lots of bubbles come up to the top, but they never stay. The aroma is very much like freshly baked bread and spices.

First sip is sour bread - with emphasis on the sour. This is making a statement, and that statement is that sour beers are what the hipsters like these days, and this is made for them. I'm not a hipster, and I don't like sour beers. Nevertheless, I have a six pack of these, and I am fairly committed to this line of reviewing. So, let's go all the way.

Tip-in is sour and fruit; this is odd, as there should really be bread here. The middle comes along with an acid cap that scrapes the mouth with carbonation at its heels. The underneath is cloves and spices with kind of a watery backing and latent sourness. The finish is where the bread comes out, but it's like a bread with pepper and spices on it and the sourness peaks right as the trail-off hits.

Bottom Line: Farmhouse ales aren't usually sour ales, and I dislike that this one doesn't advertise its peculiarity.



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