Good People "The Bearded Lady" American Wheat Ale

Not the first Good People beer that I've had, but it's the first that I've reviewed. It's probably not going to benefit it that it's a wheat beer, but I've been surprised by styles of beer that I thought I didn't like before. Hell, I remember having one wheat beer that was outstanding from Hoegaarden. Maybe this will improve on that.

A highly yellow beer with a nicely sticky head leaves lacing that would put many a beer to shame. The aroma is heavy grains and a bit of sweet malt - and I notice lemongrass bringing some more depth to the smell.

First sip is kind of tasteless. If I struggle, I can taste the wheat and a bit of dough, but there isn't enough substance to really give the beer a defining taste at all. I'm certainly hoping that the beer improves with a full gulp, but I can't say I have a lot of confidence at this point.

Tip-in is carbonation burn and lemon. The grains are trying to assert, but they fail pretty miserably. The middle rolls in with a very watery base with grains still trying to make themselves known, but they are just too damn weak. The finish might be where we get something. And... a harsh bite of bitterness with wheat backing it hits pretty solidly. The bread is a flash in the mouth before a sour/bitter lemon and pine hits and things just trail off in a bit of a mess.

Bottom Line: This epitomizes what I don't like about wheat beers.



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