Bearded Iris Epicenter IPA

I just... I don't understand the idea behind YET ANOTHER IPA from Bearded Iris. Yes, I am a fan of the style, and I would be the first to say that there are an infinite number of varieties of IPAs in the world today, so they can keep going on as far as I'm concerned. After all, they seem to be very skilled at it.

Another thick, orange beer from the purveyors of thick, inscrutable beers with thin or non-existent heads. The aroma is delightfully citrus above anything else. It's just juice on top of more juice, and it is seriously making me salivate.

First sip is very much like a thick fruit juice concentrate with the citric acid coming from the rind while mangoes, oranges, grapefruit, and a few other fruits are all mixed together in a very interesting and delightful way.

Tip-in is very light carbonation tingle with sweetness like a particularly sweet orange juice with a bit of pulp in it, too. The middle arrives with a strangely smooth mix of fruit juice and cold - it's a smoothie or something, and it is really good. The finish is a sharp hit of cold like a knife that comes with the rise of carbonation. It fades like a scream in the night.

Bottom Line: Another hit from the Iris Gang.



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