Bearded Iris Entangled Dry Hopped Saison

Bearded Iris may be the darling of Nashville. When I look at their beers, I can't say they really stand out with respect to how great they are, but they are so damn unique that I keep coming back to them. They may have fundamental flaws, but each one has a character that you won't find in another beer, and that's endearing.

The murky-ish pale yellow beer has a tight white head with no ability to lace whatsoever. The aroma is funky lemon and grains. Yup, this is all pretty standard stuff for a saison, so let's drink.

First sip is delightfully hoppy. I taste citrus, flowers, and then the grains back it all up nicely. There is a slight bitterness, but it upturns toward the end to sweeten out and the balance works just fine, but this is a sip, and a sip is like describing what a road looks like by looking at a still photo shot out the passenger's side window.

Tip-in is flowers and carbonation scraping along the tongue. The yeast and grains make the middle relatively smooth without the stinging bits of hops I kind of expected. The finish gnarls at the mouth with resin and lemon with straw positively whipping at the mouth. The trail-off is a little funky and more lemony.

Bottom Line: A workable saison, but it's an ultimately forgettable drink.



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