Wild Heaven Wise Blood IPA

What the hell is wise blood? Is it blood from someone who was wise? Or is the blood somehow sentient, learning through the ages that we all know blood stays around for, and becoming so wise that it is able to create its own beers? That seems kind of silly. What's also silly is not drinking this beer. So I'm going to stop not drinking it.

The shadowy gold beer has a slightly off white head that has some serious staying power. The foam just floats there on top of the beer, leaving it's lacing trail all over the place like it was invited here and it has decided to make itself comfortable. The aroma is citrus, pine, and fluffy biscuits.

First sip is a pretty hard hit of resin and a metal with citrus smeared on it. There is a meatiness of fruit and pine here that definitely shows me where they came up with the blood part of the name. It's a ... challenging sip, for sure. But this is all for a good cause, isn't it?

Tip-in is very light carbonation tingle with a healthy heaping of the fresh biscuits. The middle opens into a meaty fruit and pine with the resin in the background and that metal taste lingering. The finish is a wave of bitter with the metal and resin stomping to the foreground. The trail off is a bit more citrus and slight pine while the bitterness lingers.

Bottom Line: Not a bad beer at all, and it seems to be getting much better as it goes from very cold to cold.



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