Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Ale

I've done one other Goodwood beer, and it did not go well. I'm not one to call for the destruction of a brewery based on one bad style, bottle, or batch (despite evidence to the contrary). It wouldn't have mattered anyway, as I already bought this one before I tried the last one. Still, I think I would give this a try either way.

I'd like to say that this is the color of bourbon, but I'm no bourbon expert, and I can't rightly say what color bourbon is supposed to be when compared to regular whisky, Tennessee whisky, Scotch, Irish whisky, or whatever other kind of brown liquor you might come across. Instead, I'll say it is a pleasing dark amber with a light head that boils away to pretty much nothing. The aroma is definitely hints of whisky in its background, and a fairly noteworthy cracker malt.

First sip is very nice. It is definitely oaky with a strange amount of smoothness that I would not normally expect from something that is this woody inside. The texture is almost oily with the way it just glides right on down the throat. I must have a full gulp. I will have a full gulp!

Tip-in is wood, cracker, and burnt edges of sugar. The middle is a smooth-as-hell oak and alcohol bath with some honey and light floral hints. The finish is a strange kind of bitter smoke and harsh wormwood.

Bottom Line: The beer is good, but it can definitely be better.



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