Goodwood Stout Aged in a Bourbon Barrel

I used to think that beer aged in bourbon barrels had no hope. Then, Goose Island came out with their version, and that thing was pretty damn good. It is with this newfound respect for this type of beer that makes me go into this one with a full head of steam and an expectation of excellence.

Really, really dark ruby red, this beer is topped with a simple light tan head that leaves a big patch floating in the middle of the beer and a nice ring on the edge of the glass. The aroma is surprisingly good - the usual heavy bourbon aroma is absent, and I am smelling thick wood, dark fruit, and grains. It is a very inviting aroma, that's for damn sure.

First sip is WAY heavier than I expected. It is really heavy with tart cherries, wood, smoke, bourbon, vanilla, chocolate, and... did I say tart cherries? I didn't like the last tart cherry beer I had, and I'm not sure I like it in this one. I'm going to find out.

Tip-in is strangely sweet cherries, no carbonation, and then the cherries slowly morph into tartness. The middle comes with a very unpleasant tartness with the cherries and some of the smoke and oak, but the cherries are downright nasty. The finish can't come soon enough - or that's what I thought before a mouthful of even more tartness with a bourbon and smoke trail off.

Bottom Line: It's uh... it's pretty bad.



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