Founders Frootwood Bourbon Barrel Aged Ale

Founders produces a lot of different beers, and it seems like City Sliquors pretty much carries them all. This works out in my favor, as I seldom buy beer from anywhere else these days. Maybe there is a connection between them stocking so many Founders beers and me drinking them, but there's no way to do that math.

The deeply amber beverage with a slight red tinge has a slightly off-white head that has some serious staying power; the foam stays at about a quarter inch even after settling. The aroma is just not there. I smell absolutely nothing. If my dog could talk, I would let him use his super sniffer on the beer, but my normal, human nose gets nothing and is disappointed.

First sip is suitably fruity and woody, but it's entirely possible that it's too much of both. The sweet fruit mixes with the coarse wood, and the effect is like a chew toy that two dogs are pulling at either end of (I may have been spending too much time with my dog lately). It's discordant and fights itself for an identity. But, that is only what a sip says. What will the gulp bring?

Tip-in is thick, sweet berries and very light carbonation tingle. The middle brings some of the wood into it, but the fruit is still master of the domain, and it seems to work out okay. The trouble starts when the finish brings bourbon into the mix for no good damn reason. So, the harshness of the wood then accelerates, and the beverage trails off into more wood grain.

Bottom Line: Founders does right by their beers, but this one wasn't a home run.



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