Evil Czech GG Patton Pilsner

General George Patton would likely slap someone across the face for reducing his complex personality to a (presumably hipster) beer. Beyond that, he might take issue with it being a pilsner- as they tend to be lighter lagers that don't necessarily have a lot of flavor.

The slightly murky yellow beverage has a thin cap of bubbles that leaves more lacing than you might expect. The aroma is bread and light spices with grass blowing lightly in the breeze. It's all very light and inviting on a warm summer's evening (yes, my reviews sometimes sit for a while).

First sip is simple and pretty good. It is sweet overall, but that's because the bitterness was all up front. The grass and lemon are nice and calm while the bready malt does a good job of backing it all up.

Tip-in is fairly heavy carbonation burn with thick bread, grassy grains, and slight bitterness. The middle is a delight of grains, nice and doughy bread, and ever-so-minuscule spices. The finish rolls in with a wave of bitterness, heavier grains, and then even more bitterness. There is a slight sweetness on the lips, but it's mostly about the bitter end.

Bottom Line: A very good pilsner that is a little too bitter, but good overall.



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