Tailgate Pedal Tavern IPA

Ever see those odd open-air bars that drive around city streets, powered by the people on it pedaling? That's what they named this beer after, and I'm not sure which emotion they are going for. I mean, I see those and I'm not usually filled with joy - more perplexity or outright dismissal. I suppose someone loves those things, and this is for them.

This beer has chunks - chunks - of something swirling around. Eventually, they amount to no less than a half inch at the bottom of this glass. The gold-amber liquid that is left has a resilient enough head of patchy, white foam. The aroma is citrus hops and an oat malt.

First sip is a lot more mild than the look and aroma made me expect. It's actually a very nice, light citrus with the thicker bread and oats laying the base. It's a very good sipping beer, and I did not expect that. How does it really drink?

Tip-in is bread with acidic citrus walking hand in hand. The middle brings a mellow pine and citrus while the bread grabs the oats by the horns. The pine and citrus are starting to grate the top of the mouth. The finish is a twang of bitterness with the malt stepping aside for the fruits and pine to take a bow.

Bottom Line: These guys are certainly having fun with their beer. I'll have some fun, too.



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