Fat Head’s Holly Jolly Christmas Ale

Should I comment on the antlers? I think I covered this on my last couple of posts, but I think it should be enough to say this was a present, and my brother has a sense of humor and an unexpectedly active craft habit. This is another beer from the Cincinnati area, and I'm drinking it.

The flat brown beer has a healthy head that takes a bit to wind down and leaves a light dusting of bubbles floating on the surface; there isn’t going to be any lacing here. The aroma is a sweet malt, honey, and spices galore. I’m diving in. There’s no reason to string this out.

First sip is fan-goddamn-tastic. I’m not trying to jump ahead here, but this is the best of these winter ales so far. That sip is just the right number of spices floating atop the sweet, delicious malt with the honey and maybe something that tastes almost apple-like. It mixes well with the cinnamon in the spices and just... zounds.

Tip-in is light carbonation burn with an oak and honey doing good, sweet things underneath. The middle brings the mix of spices that are really hard to describe: they aren’t overwhelming, but they bring just the right amount of flavor. Under it is more honey malt. The finish is another carbonation tingle followed by brighter spices and a bread malt that is thick and still sweet.

Bottom Line: Possibly the best winter ale out there.



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