Southern Charm Moonshine Jelly

A rare seemingly alcohol-free review. Yes, I used to do movies, but I switched to pretty much beer and derivatives lately. This is a jelly that they claim is made with moonshine, but there is no indication on the label that this is only for adults and there appears to be pretty much no alcohol, so I suspect that the alcohol burns off in the process (if there is any to begin with).

This stuff is completely clear. It's odd to spread something the consistency of jelly and the color of watered-down petroleum jelly (no, the two jellies don't have the same consistency) all over a biscuit. I'm hungry, so I'm not letting it put me off. There is almost no aroma beyond that of the buttery biscuit itself, so I don't know what to tell you.

First bite is sweet. It is heavy sugar sweetness and some white grapes. I don't actually taste any facsimile of alcohol, but the taste really lingers like grape jelly would after you take a bite, but this is decidedly sweeter than any grape jelly I've ever had. I'm not sure that I want jelly this sweet. I would go to a full swig, but that can't really happen. I can eat the rest of the biscuit, though.

I ate it and found it a bit more citrusy than the first taste, and it wasn't bad, but it was definitely far too sweet. I didn't taste any attempt at an alcohol flavor, and I really don't know why they bothered on this package and name other than to get some city rube to buy moonshine. Well, I guess they succeeded here (although the guy who gave it as a present was born and raised on a farm, so they kind of got one of their own).

Bottom Line: As a sweet jelly, it wasn't bad. As a moonshine, it tasted great, but probably doesn't reflect the taste of the moonshine at all.



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