New Heights Nothing Fancy Cream Ale

I have only had one New Heights beer before, and it was darn good. Admittedly, that was in a growler, and beer tends to be better when it is fresh and in... well, large quantities. This one is in a pint, and a pint is about the right way to drink a beer.

Colored pale yellow, the head dies down to a simple, splotchy cap and the usual ring around the rim. The aroma is your standard cream ale - kind of vanilla with lots of grains propping it up. There are almost no points of nucleation to speak of - so I have one calm, unmoving beer in front of me.

First sip is sweet like it has been sweetened with corn syrup (with the corn specifically right on the nose) and creamy. The grains back it up to give it the impression of a traditional American lager, but with care really taken to make sure that it would taste exactly how the brewer intended. It's less of a bite than a lager and too calm to be a frenetic ale.

Tip-in is vanilla cream and grains with very light carbonation around the outskirts. The middle brings corn to the grains, but it holds back on any of the sweetness. Instead, grains continue like a wheat ale, but there is still a bit of the cream from the tip-in that mixes with lime-centric citrus. The finish is the sudden surge of corn syrup sweetness with a somewhat off-putting grain musk.

Bottom Line: Better than some, not as good as others.



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