Bearded Iris Scatterbrain IPA

How many Bearded Iris beers have I had? Seems like the kind of thing that could either A) never be known or B) be determined with a simple count. I'm guessing it's the former, so I'm not going to try to count, but this brewer has really done their thing right.I always like it when a local brewery can one-up the big boys, and since our world has made Bud one of the big boys, that's not exactly saying anything, is it?

The very hazy orange body of the beer is very similar to the DIPA from this same brewer; it really gives the impression of juice more than beer, but this one is a bit more watered down than that one had been. The head is too thick for orange or grapefruit juice, and that is one of the other things giving it away. Another thing is the aroma of sweet malt that carries the fruity hop smell aloft.

First sip is mango-orange-apple juice on top of biscuits with a touch of sweet honey glaze. It's a solid taste - not as fantastic as I found the DIPA or even some other IPAs I can recall. It's still pretty good, though, even as a sip. Not all beers can be sipped, and this one is just fine at it. Many very good beers need to be swigged, though, and this is going to get that treatment.

Tip-in is significant carbonation burn with tropical fruits and citrus fruits. The biscuit malt is helping things out a little, but it seems like it's just peeking around the corner to let you know it's there. The middle is great. It spreads out into a fruit smoothie with malt and yeast giving it a bread and sweet tinge that is, as I said before, great. The finish is a twinge of bitterness, a hit of carbonation, and a yeast hint of slight funk.

Bottom Line: At the sip, I was prepared for a letdown. But this didn't let me down.



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