Bearded Iris Hidden Gem IPA

Why does Bearded Iris have so many IPAs? Look, if you keep asking them that question, they may stop making them all, and I want variety from these guys. Their beers have a strange quality that really makes me long for them when I have other, more mundane beers in the fridge.

These beers are so damn similar in their murky, dense, fruit juice-like appearance, and this one is just a little lighter in color - more of a tangerine juice than an orange or grapefruit. The head is pretty minimal, and it doesn't seem to be leaving any lacing. The aroma is grapefruits and other citrus mixing around together; it's intoxicating (although not as intoxicating as actually drinking will be, even with a scant 6% ABV).

First sip is citrus heavy, and it has a solid "thunk" of a malt and yeast back-end. I admit to being slightly put off by the finish at first, but the trail-off was less bitter and more citrus sweet, so as I think about it and continue to taste the after effects, I just want to drink more, and drinking more is my thing.

Tip-in is tart grapefruit and mango with very mild carbonation sizzle. The middle opens into a crisp-yet-smooth bread with citrus just piled on top and a bit of resin underneath. It is highly drinkable! The finish is a bite of tartness followed by a wave of citrus and soft, wet, dough. Sweetness is left on the lips, and a longing for more is left in the soul.

Bottom Line: Possibly the best Bearded Iris IPA yet.



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