Bearded Iris Light Beam Hoppy Pils

This is the last of the Bearded Iris beers in the latest batch of reviews, and I will be sorry to see them go. Admittedly, they were pretty much all IPAs, but I love a good IPA, and I like that they tried so many different styles. Their same-same-same can design makes it a little difficult to tell them apart, but this one is a pilsner, I know that (because I read it).

The beer is shockingly bright yellow-gold, and for a Bearded Iris beer, this is almost clear. That said, it is still murky enough that you can't see properly through from one side to the other. The head is sticky enough for a pilsner, and I think it may be more than some of the IPAs managed to do. The aroma is lemon, spices, and bread.

First sip is crisp and short. The bread with a hint of citrus kind of lingers after the snap of the sip, but it really seems like a kind of sudden scream followed by a faint echo. The malt was definitely noticeable as more than just bread in the sip, but it's only a sip, and that's not how we judge things around here.

Tip-in is sweet bread with lemon and very light spices. The middle surrounds the tongue with pineapple citrus as the carbonation scrapes at the roof of the mouth. It's a significant event, but there is little substance to the beer - unlike most pilsners I've had before. The finish is a retard of bitterness and some grains with light spices to set off into the sunset.

Bottom Line: A valiant effort that could use a revisit.



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