Bierbrouwerij La Trappe Trappist Dubbel

This sucker made me look hard to see what the name of the brewer was. I'm not even sure I got it right in the title of this entry, but I made the effort, and I hope I can get some credit for that. The fact is, this tries really hard to hit home with being "Trappist" more than anything else. Usually, that means the beer was brewed by monks (or monkettes - I don't really care) in Belgium or the Netherlands.

Oh what a delightful looking beverage. No, it doesn't have the head that I would like to see. In fact, it winds up having no head whatsoever. But the color is a delightful deep plum, and the aroma is that distinctly Belgian ale style of sour cherries, plums, and seltzer.

First sip is a deep pool of Trappist know-how; it has the plums, cherries, and molasses. The carbonation is pretty distinct and almost overwhelms, but there is more to this beer than just bubbles - it aches with the need to be tasted - to be gulped.

Tip-in is sweet cherries and dark fruits with carbonation building around the outsides like the swelling of a wave. The middle arrives with that wave of carbonation smashing down into the rest of the mouth with the molasses and toffee trying to assert, but the carbonation is definitely more powerful. The finish comes down with a cold, woody taste with berries and slightly sour cherries.

Bottom Line: Not the greatest Belgian ale I've had, but better than a lot of other beers out there.



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