Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

Look, I'm not to beat around the bush. There's no reason for me to lie. I didn't like the first Boulevard beer I had, and I'm not sure that they can produce a beer I'll genuinely like. I picked this one up out of pure hope. Hope is a powerful force, but it's not directly influencing Boulevard, so I may be out of luck.

When initially poured, this beer had a look of something like a black and tan, as the top was filled with tiny little chunky bits while the bottom was a lot cleaner. As everything settled, the beer just attains an overall murkiness inside of its yellow–gold coloring. The sticky white head leaves just enough leasing to let you know that hops have been involved in this sucker somewhere. The aroma is a bit caustic, and it seems heavy on resin and wort.

 First sip is spiciness and fruits. It has a little bread dough in the back, but fruits like pears, peaches, and apricots are really filling things out. The spices seem to mask some of the plainness of the hops, so you get more of a sensation of the fruits than you do of any kind of' pine. It's not about sipping beer, as most of these farmhouse ales wind up being.

Tip-in is spices and very light carbonation burn. The spices really cover-up pretty much everything. The middle opens up into mostly pairs with apricots, a little bit of orange, and a very light dough in the background. The finish is a tingling bitterness that sits on the tongue while the fruits dance their way to the back of the mouth.

Bottom Line: This is definitely the best Boulevard beer I've ever had.



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