Blackberry Farm Coyote Tactics IPA

I don't know what a coyote has to do with beer or an IPA specifically, but here we are with a coyote and an IPA. These guys are from Tennessee, so I'll give this a good try, but I'm pretty sure there aren't a whole lot of coyotes here. Still, they went that route, and I'm heading there with them.

The hazy golden orange beer doesn't have a whole lot of head going on, but what it has is nice and sticky, leaving lacing of tiny bubbles spread fairly evenly on the side. The rest is a gentle pillow on top that is relaxing just to look at. The aroma of very relaxed citrus hops, honey, and grains fill the nose, but it is a very mild aroma.

First sip is stronger than expected after the nose with a rather in-your-face kind of pine and orange rind hops and a fairly harsh grain backing it up. Of course, I'm not going to judge just on the sip alone, but it should definitely have a character closer to the aroma if it wanted to make more friends, but maybe that's the way coyotes are.

Tip-in is a very nice kind of citrus and pine mix with a very light grain bed to rest on. The middle opens into a bit of honey with more citrus and maybe some tropical fruits as the acidity rises, but it never gets too harsh. The finish rambles in with a sharp, cold clamp of pine and rind and the trail off is muted bitterness.

Bottom Line: I came here for IPA and left satisfied.



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