Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Cherries

Previous Ole Smoky attempts... well, there was only one other one, and it was their Apple Pie. It wasn't great. This is a kind of odd one to deal with, though. It's not technically moonshine - it's cherries that have been soaking in moonshine instead. I've decided to pour most of the glass as moonshine and leave a single cherry in it to make it pretty.

The moonshine is as red as the syrup (or whatever it is) that maraschino cherries steep in. The aroma is like a mild cherry cough drop in liquid form (not a cough syrup, mind you, but the more gentle drops). It definitely smells of the alcohol that you might expect of a 50% ABV beverage, but it's heavy on the cherries, so that works out just fine.

First sip is quite predictably cherry with an alcohol burn; the alcohol burn hits the eyes before the drink hits the lips. There is a sweetness in here beyond the cherries - like corn syrup was added. Yes, definitely corn. Normally, I would try to tear apart the flavor based on either a longer gulp or just multiple sips. In this case, as this is a jar full of cherries, I'm just going to try a cherry.

The cherry is a simple maraschino cherry at first, but the inside holds a fire of lighter fluid and gasoline. While it's odd that it should be this way, the cherry is but a vessel for White Lightening, but it's been tamed enough by the cherry to not make it a spiteful chamber of burning. The cherry wells back up at the end to tame it further.

Bottom Line: Still not as good as some apple pies out there, but an interesting version.



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