Cammo's Drunk At Work All Day IPA

It's been a while since Cammo came to me with a new beverage, and I'm always grateful when I get the chance to try something new. This is an All Day IPA, so, I'm particularly happy to get a chance to drink it. I like these kind of mellow beers with their intricate, but subtle hops and reasonable, yet gentle malt back-end. Let's see what Cammo brings.

The orange-brown beer has very little carbonation. This is unusual on its own, as Cammo beers are famously over carbonated. This one required a fairly rough pour to get the minimal .25 inch of head that is in the picture. The aroma is a LOT more malt than I expect from an IPA of any kind. It smells like freshly kneaded dough and lite citrus.

First sip is exceedingly mild. It is a very doughy bread with a very heavy yeast content just barely tainted with a citrus hop or two. If this did not use top-fermenting yeast, I would swear that this was a lager - a malt-heavy lager at that. But, I think Cammo knows what he's doing, so I'm going with All Day IPA. Let's see what the swig brings.

Tip-in is very sweet malt with a high yeast content and a doughy character - carbonation does not enter into the fray. The middle is exceedingly mild carbonation tingle with the malt still leading the way with the doughy bread just filling the mouth. A gentle grain and a whiff of hops can be sensed, but it's fleeting. Then, the finish is a hit of slight bitterness with wheat and citrus before they all drift off into the abyss of dough.

Bottom Line: It's just not good as an IPA - but it's almost passable as a beer that could be sipped all day.



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