Climax Wood Fired Whiskey

So, I was told to try this. Someone I know watched a TV show that had this distillery in it, and they showed the business issues and decisions that resulted in this whiskey. Specifically, I was told that this is simply moonshine where they added wood chips, sent some alternating current through it for a while, and wound up with amazingly good whiskey. The bottle however, claims that this is an old family recipe. I don't care which story is true.

I have seen very few whiskeys before, and I usually notice that the amber liquids have a kind of swirling series of eddies where a series of nearly microscopic wood fibers and... stuff disturbed by being outside of the barrel now, and it is stretching its legs. This doesn't have that. Instead, it's a flat amber with an aroma like whiskey. Maybe it has wood, but not oak - more like maple or even pine (wood, not needles).

First sip is challenging. It's somehow managing to be overpowering and watery at the same time. The burning is pretty noticeable from the alcohol (45% ABV going on in this), and it is about the most recognizable taste in here. Since I'm not going to swig this, I'm going to take a few more sips and see what I figure out.

Tip-in is watery followed by a bit of smoke and toffee, but it's not sweet like candy. The burning happens pretty quickly, and it is pervasive - not just on the tongue or top of the mouth but on it, around it, and through it. Holding in the mouth at all very quickly results in a numbness of tongue. The rest of the drink is fire and unpleasantness. The wood is a kind of hollow trail-off.

Bottom Line: An attempt to make moonshine into whiskey or an old family recipe. Either way, it should have stayed in North Carolina.



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