Climax Fire No. 32 Moonshine

When I picked up a whiskey from Climax, I figured I would also try out the moonshine that benefits a local North Carolina fire department with every purchase. After all, I like to help out the rescue workers who help support the public, and I also know that adding flavors to moonshine is the way to make it drinkable.

This is where I would normally describe the look of the beverage. Imagine water, vodka, flat 7-Up, or any number of other clear liquids and you know exactly what this looks like. The aroma is slight cinnamon sugar added to Aqua Net. I swear, I have totally like some moonshines in the past, and I'm not expecting this to be lousy, but the aroma is displeasing.

First sip is not the worst thing ever. It has the standard moonshine alcohol burn accompanying ground up cinnamon, but then there is a sweetness that kind of rounds things up just as it is getting to where it might be bad. The cinnamon takes the extreme edge off of the alcohol hit that really hurt the attempt at whiskey. Just like that one, I'm not going to swig, but I will try a few more sips to tease out any other flavors.

Tip-in is very astringent and it smacks the mouth in a way that lets everyone in the area know that this isn't a subtle or tame drink. Then, the alcohol burn starts as it did in the whiskey - everywhere and penetrating. But, the cinnamon (quickly followed by sugar sweetness) come in to calm things down a little bit.

Bottom Line: Not overly calm, and the moonshine isn't overly drinkable, but I've had worse.


Jeremy's Juxtaposition: For cinnamon moonshine... I'd give it a 0.5 out of 5


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