Cranker's Professor IPA

I like the fact that Cranker's didn't try to give this beer too many names. A lot of the beers I've had lately have absolutely massive names that I either have to abbreviate something in or just ignore things like "Signature Series" or "Artisanal Ales." These guys cut to the chase, and they just put out some damn beer. Cheers, guys!

Hazy as a Beijing morning, this sucker has a full head. The picture here was actually after I let it go down and poured more beer in. I didn't have the patience to wait and then add the rest of the beer, but I assure you that all the beer is not in the glass at this time - all because of the fullsome head. The aroma is a very musty floral and pine hops. It's got a layer of dust on it, but that doesn't mean it will be bad.

First sip is significantly more citrus than I smelled. Maybe I'm hard of smelling, but it is bright and airy, which counters the musty smell that I had. I was really expecting it to taste like a plant growing in the corner of a professor's dingy old office, but this is really not that at all. The sip is crisp and sharp, and I like it quite a bit. But I also like swigging a beer.

Tip-in is significant carbonation burn (expected) with citrus hops all bright and shiny at the forefront, and slight grains milling around in the back. The middle is more malty with a thin caramel and some spices and pine needles tickling the top of the mouth. The finish is a crescendo of carbonation, and the musty yeast that I smelled asserts itself right before the trail-off, which is lightly floral and citrus without all that much bitterness.

Bottom Line: Well balanced and a very nice mix of hops, this beer is a surprise win right out of the gate.



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