Seagram's Hard Soda Orange Cream

The first of this bunch didn't go so great. If Seagram's uses the same formula for all of these hard sodas, than all four of these will have been pretty much a waste of time. That's a negative attitude, though, and I have been very surprised by beverage before, so I'm going to assume that this will be awesome.

Sorry, I'm still working on lighting with my new setup.
Am I a nut, or did you also expect this to be orange? I'm not saying that they should add coloring or anything, but I'm just surprised that this looks more like a cream soda than something orange. Nope, no orange. Instead, the white beverage is cloudy and has a moderate number of points of nucleation around the bottom of the glass. The aroma is the same wine cooler-esque alcohol over top of a more appropriate orange peel.

First sip is orangey, but it's like an orange slice mixed with a diet 7-Up or something similar. On top of that is the alcohol taste of the wine cooler variety. I'm not sure that the sip was a good one, but it was relatively inoffensive. I suspect that warmth will not help the flavor of this type of beverage, as I have found that warm soda doesn't taste very good on its own. So, I'll be swiging this right away.

Tip-in is orange zest over a somewhat vanilla base and carbonation tingle. The middle is pretty good. The cream comes right out, and the orange continues to zest it enough, and the effervescence just hints at the alcohol underneath. The finish, however, like the grape, hits hard with the alcohol taste and a severe sweet and tart mix.

Bottom Line: Not great, but better than most of these hard sodas.



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