Seagram's Grape Hard Soda

I've had hard root beer, hard Dr. Pepper, hard cherry cola, hard Mountain Dew, and hard orange soda. I think I've had even more than that, but I'm not going to keep doing searches on my own site - feel free to do your own in the top left search box. It's powered by The Google, so it should be pretty good. Out of the multi-pack that I got of these Seagram's, the grape is one of the two that I was most looking forward to, so I started with it.

The beverage is expectedly dark purple with no head - soda doesn't normally keep one for very long, so that's just what we want. The smell is very clearly alcohol-heavy grape. I can't say that the smell is enticing or even very promising, and that's a crying shame. But, a smell will only get you so far.

First sip isn't great. They clearly tried to cover the heavy alcohol with some serious artificial grape flavoring. Additionally, it's very sweet - it's like they took something like a grape wine cooler and added a good amount of grape Kool Aid to it to make it sweeter and more grapey than it ever was intended to be, but that's my impression of a sip. What will a swig bring?

Tip-in is a light cream and grapes. The sweetness is significant, and the carbonation is moderate. The middle is heightened carbonation with a syrupy grape taste that isn't half bad. What IS half bad is the finish with its hit of heavy alcohol and mysterious oak or dark fruit or something out of place. The trail-off is sickly sweet grape and alcohol afterburn.

Bottom Line: Nope. Not a good enough try.



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