Wiseacre Holy Candy Belgian-Style Dubbel

Honestly, this is probably the best label of all of the Wiseacre beers so far. This has a wacky couple of angels and... I don't know, leaves and stuff? I'm sure it looked better before it was applied to a bottle, but the curve of the bottle distorts it a bit and makes it pretty hard to read. But, like the others, this is not for reading - it's for drinking.

The deep mahogany-hued beer sports a head that fizzles to a bashful ring around the sides of the glass. The aroma is unusual spices on top of heavy malt. The nose gets some dark fruits and raisins behind the rest, and it is clear that this dark beverage has hidden depths.

First sip confirms those depths, as I can taste nuts, those dark fruits, oak, and quite a bit of other deliciousness. The heaviness and depth of the beer is very nice, and it's exactly what I would expect from a dubbel. But what should I expect from a swig?

Tip-in is oak and plums with a carbonation fizzle keeping things light. Figs and raisins add lesser notes to the start, and the middle is the same but moreso. Nuts and earth join the mix to make the middle a mix of solid, unflinching malt goodness. The finish arrives with a slight bitter twinge and heavier nuts mixed together with the dark fruits that are all proud to be here.

Bottom Line: A very good beer. It really presents some of the good things that the dubbel style has to offer.



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